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Heartland Payroll is a human resource management software, designed to suit small and midsize businesses. It focuses on, among other things, attendance monitoring and management, tax reporting as well as human resource administration.


Employee database

Payroll provides a platform where a list of all employees that work for an organization, their various job descriptions and their profiles can be kept.

Attendance monitoring

Tracking of time and attendance to determine pay due to employees is made easy on Heartland Payroll. It features up to date live monitoring generating attendance logs and curves for individual employees.

Point of sale software integration

The platform offers integration with third party Point of Sale (POS) platforms which is particularly useful for businesses that pay their employees based on sales volumes they achieve.

Tax management

Heartland payroll offers diverse payroll tax management services by calculating total tax due or withheld and displays value of health benefits accorded to employees, social security contributions and income tax liability.

Hiring services

On the platform, employers can easily post available job openings, receive applications from prospective candidates, conduct interviews and communicate resolutions to concerned candidates.

Performance management

Employers can be able to monitor the performance records of their employees based on their preselected criteria on the platform. This makes it easy to appraise employees based on other performance records.

Employee benefits management

The software provides a platform where benefits accorded to employees based on their employment contracts such as pension benefits, 401 (k) contributions and health benefits can be easily kept and monitored.

Check printing

Employers can print and customize checks to include employee name and company logo on Heartland Payroll.

Customer support

Accounts on Heartland Payroll are assigned account managers who are always on call to assist on any issues that may arise in human resource management.

Payment processing

Employers can make direct deposits into their accounts using the software, automatically issue paychecks to the employees based on attendance records on the platform and also set email reminders on due invoices.


  • Dedicated customer support provides real time solutions to any queries or challenges that may arise during use of the software.
  • Real time updating of employee records on the platform provide for more accurate data.
  • Cloud based storage of data allows for viewing of records updated on the platform across various devices.
  • Tax management capabilities enable on time filing of tax returns.
  • Integration with Point of Sale applications make it usable even for companies that pay their employees on a commission basis.
  • Advanced security features which provide a vault for sensitive employee and company information.
  • The hiring portal makes it easy for prospective employees and eases the hiring process by providing a single platform for all steps in the hiring process.
  • Payroll fees charged by the platform are affordable to small and midsize businesses.
  • Quick response time to queries by dedicated account managers.
  • Email reminders on due payments.


  • Use is limited to specific locations.
  • Periodic bug attacks slow down the platform.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Check/W-2 Printing
  2. Approvals
  3. Check/W-2 Delivery

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Mobile
  2. Core HR Integration
  3. API / Integration
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